Will you help us to do something good?

This Christmas, at 42 Financial Services, we want to do something different. We promised ourselves to take action. We choose four causes, where we volunteer to do something good. We also have a set amount for donation, which will be divided according to your votes. Please help us with your vote to bring joy for Christmas.


Help families affected by serious illness


DOBRÝ ANDĚL (Good Angel) foundation sends regular financial support directly to families who face challenges in their life due to the illness of their relative. This support means that families can hope, sleep better at night, and perhaps obtain better care for their children. By voting, you can also become a Good Angel for somebody this Christmas.


Help children with autism


If you know someone who has experience with autism in any form, then you know that their life is fundamentally different. The National Institute for Autism Nautis offers help to autistic children as well as to people around them – parents, siblings, friends, teachers, doctors, and others. They help autistic children by providing services to educate, to enjoy life and work. They also are very keen on bringing more focus and to change the current system’s attitude toward this issue. We cheer them with a full heart. With your vote, you can cheer with us.


Help elderly people


42 Financial Services also supports The Hospic of Saint George. The motto of this palliative care facility is “We have not come to die, but to live to the last moment…” Their aspiration is a terminal ill person who could live a dignified life even at the end without unnecessary pain and deprivation and could stay between his / her relatives in his / her home environment if possible. You too can help through us with a vote.


Help a Dog Shelter


Dogpoint helps abandoned and abused dogs not only to find a home but also to prepare for their “new” life. The organization will provide temporary accommodation, veterinary care, and help them with the integration into new families. You might not become their new family but with your vote, you can help the doggies to find one.

Want to help more for Christmas?

Here are a few easy ways how we did it:

Be there for your friend who struggles with an illness.

Have empathy for those who are different and people who take care of them.

Surprise your elderly neighbor in need with Christmas grocery shopping.

Volunteer in the dog shelter.

If you would like to make a donation of your own

you can check also our cause: 42 FS Nadační fond